Bringer Of Peace Sensitive Herbal Body Wash - Glass 230ml

Bringer Of Peace Sensitive Herbal Body Wash - Glass 230ml

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-Herb enriched body wash
-Formulated for sensitive skin
-Luxurious and soothing body wash with Lemon Balm and Indian Babul to cleanse the skin
-Cold, Freshly pressed unrefined oils
-Gently cleansing and calming for sensitive skin
-Vegan & cruelty free
-New & improved fragrance

This ultra-soothing and cleansing body wash has been formulated to gently cleanse and calm sensitive skin. This innovative formula contains Fresh-ground® Indian Babul which is known for its wonderful skin rejuvenating properties, the calming Lemon Balm, which leaves the skin feeling nourished and beautifully hydrated, and the gentle Aloe Vera from the inner leaf which is known for its soothing properties for sensitive skin.

Fushi herbs are organic, freshly harvested & triple infused. Calming and gentle Fresh-pressed® Calendula is infused in Sweet almond oil which is easily absorbed into the skin. Fresh-pressed® Passion seed oil, Fractionated Coconut oil and Sea Buckthorn oil are all known for their excellent moisturising qualities.

The Bringer of Peace Body Wash is soothing and gentle on the skin; especially formulated for sensitive skin types, dry skin, eczema and psoriasis. This lotion is 50% infused with Lemon Balm which brings a naturally fragranced element with a fresh, citrus scent.

This lotion is made using biodynamically grown Lemon balm, triple-infused in aqua over 90 days.

Fushi only use our renowned, ethically sourced Cold, Freshly pressed unrefined oils in their skin care. These are freshly pressed from each season’s harvest to deliver maximum quality and efficacy.

Fushi’s body care products are free from Parabens, Petrochemicals, SLS, PEGs and Artificial perfumes.

Fushi have slightly changed the scent of the Bringer of Peace Body Wash and Body Lotion. The 100% organic fragrance now contains soothing and uplifting notes of bergamot, basil, lime, thyme and mandarin. Both formulas remain gentle and soothing enough to be used even by the most sensitive skin.

About Fushi
Fushi Wellbeing is ethically accredited and has been awarded by the Ethical Organisation for its commitment to alleviate environmental waste, pollution, child labour, animal testing and other unfair trade practices. We believe in being honest to our customers, kind to our planet and responsible for our actions. Fushi is committed to giving back and has recently launched the ’Tree for Eternity’ campaign by setting aside a percentage of their profits for Tree Aid, a UK charity that uses trees to alleviate poverty and promote self-reliance in some of the poorest regions of rural Africa.

Their Story:
Fushi, meaning ‘eternal life’, began with the combined cultural heritage of Rannesh and Ria and from Ayuverdic family recipes handed down by their grandparents who blended oils and infused herbs to create natural remedies.

Still inspired by the original recipes and hand blending ingredients in our London workshop today, we continue to build stronger relationships with our growers to deliver pure, carefully created, quality products which enhance the wellbeing of our customers.